Graphic Artists Guild Survey FAQs

Why are you doing the survey?
We are so proud to provide this invaluable resource to everyone in the creative industry! The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines is the industry bible for communication design and illustration professionals. Each new edition continues the tradition of providing excellent, up-to-date guidance and advice, incorporating new information, listings, and pricing guidelines. Members find it invaluable for its practical tips on how to negotiate the best deals, price their services accurately, and create contracts that protect their rights (it includes sample contracts and other documents). Click here for more info about the Handbook.

Why do you need me?
The content of the Handbook is created with real-world information from various resources within the graphic arts community, including current working professionals such as yourself. The more answers we get, the better our information is, so please SHARE this survey with all your colleagues in the creative community!!

Am I eligible to do these surveys?

  • You have at least 5 years' experience as a creative professional in one or more of our survey categories (mostly it’s different kinds of graphic design, graphic arts, and illustration).
  • You have have US clients.
  • You have pricing data from 2018 and 2019.

OMG there are SO many surveys!
Don’t worry; the questions are pretty simple. Only fill out the surveys that are most pertinent to the work you do.

Who is overseeing the survey?
ResearchScape, Inc, an independent research firm, is hosting the survey. This is to assure privacy and non-biased answers.

Any other tips?

  • You might need to turn off your browser's autofill function while doing the survey
  • It helps to have pricing data from the last two years handy
  • Get involved with the Guild! Sign up for the newsletter, attend webinars, catch events near you, join a Guild committee (we have an awesome variety of things going on!) You can continue to be part of making the world a better place for working creatives.

If you have other specific questions about the surveys or the survey process, please contact:
Tricia McKiernan at